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Color Sorter Machine

We have earned widespread recognition for our rich expertise to manufacture superlative range of Color Sorter Machine equipped with advanced sensors. It is made using high grade components sourced from the reputed vendors of the market. Consequently, are reckoned as Color Sorter Machine exporter, manufacturer, and distributor in India. Durability, efficiency, and high performance are the key features of our Color Sorter Machine, owing to which, it receives huge demand in the market. It can easily separate colors from various types of grains and other items such as Rice, Coffee, Nuts, Cereals, Pulses, and more. Our Color Sorter Machine is also helpful in detecting the authenticity of diamond and recycling industry as well.
Camsort Digital Color Sorter
Camsort Digital Color Sorter
Now sorting different commodities with defects of specific size is made easy. Thanks to the ORANGE CAMSORT DIGITAL Multi Grain Sorting Machine with Contour Mapping and Quad Level Sorting Technology. The all new CAMSORT DIGITAL - Multi Grain Color Sorter is the result of enthusiasm & continuous R & D to provide a top of its class color sorter for food industry in India and abroad.
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